ZAMOŚĆ is referred to as Padua of the North or the Pearl of Renaissance, located in the south-eastern border of the Upland of Lublin, a masterpiece of renaissance architecture, it was once an ethnic and religious mosaic. Today in the city there is an atmosphere of peace. In 1992 Zamość was put on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. In the vicinity, there is Roztocze - a land of primeval nature, green hills, unpolluted forests and rivers as well as places, where watches slow their pace, and traces of the former magnificence enchant newcomers.

In Zamość it is worth having a walk on the Great Market Square and looking at the Renaissance tenement houses, making a photo on the grand stairs of the town hall, visiting the cathedral, climbing up the bell tower and seeing a magnificent panorama of the city. It is also worth listening to the noise of the waterfalls on the Rustle Route in Suśec, as well as visiting Krasnobród, Szczebrzeszyn and Zwierzyniec where queen Marysieńka lived.